American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier Puppies

Dorsi fell in love with pit bulls breeds after falling in love her son's pit bull, Stunna.

Why Is This Breed so Popular?

With the resurgence of popularity for pit bull dog breeds thanks to TV shows like Pit Bulls and Parolees and Pit Boss, people are suddenly clamoring to learn more about these breeds of dogs. One of the breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier, is considered as being part of the "pit bull" family of dogs.

The puppies here in this article are blue-nose American Staffordshire puppies. When I took these photos of the puppies they were 6 weeks old (Feb 2013), and they will soon be ready to go to their new homes. This is the last litter of puppies that we will have from the parents (Roxie and Stunna), and we plan on getting our other dogs fixed and focus more on the rescue of these beautiful dogs.

Abandonment and Abuse

Although wonderful to have puppies, we realize through these shows that there are many of this breed of dog already in need of good homes, as some people abandon them and/or use them for the wrong reasons (like using them to be fighting dogs).

The History of the American Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Terriers were first bred in the nineteenth century in the English region of Staffordshire. They are a cross between the terrier and bulldog. They were called various names, such as the Bull-and-Terrier Dog, or half and half, until they assumed the name of the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

In the late 1800s, as the breed made its way into America, people began to call them "pit-dogs", later adopting the name of the American Staffordshire Terrier. In 1936, the Amstaffs were recognized and accepted into the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a registered breed.

Of the three types of Pit Bull Terriers known as American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT), the American Staffordshire Terriers (Amstaff), and the Staffordshire Bull Terriers (SBT), the Amstaff became the only recognized AKC recognized breed.

American Staffordshire Terriers aka Pit Bull puppies

Temperament of the American Staffordshire Terrier

Although pitbulls have gained an unsavory reputation over the last several years, the Amstaff actually has many great temperament traits. A recent temperament test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society showed that American Staffordshire Terriers consistently score above average for all the dog breeds that were tested.

These tests measured various things about the Amstaff breed and they scored above average for all these traits:

  • non-aggressiveness
  • friendliness
  • stability
  • A dog’s protectiveness toward its owner

Roxie and Stunna, American Staffordshire Terriers aka Pit Bull Dogs (Blue-nose)

Breed Colors and Physical Traits

The average American Staffordshire Terrier is between 17.5 to 19 inches tall with their weight is proportionate to their size. Their coat is smooth and as far as I can tell, there is very little shedding from these dogs.

These are the various colors of the breed recognized by the AKC:

  • Black
  • Black Brindle
  • Blue
  • Blue Brindle
  • Blue Fawn
  • Blue Fawn Brindle
  • Brown
  • Brown Brindle
  • Fawn
  • Fawn Brindle
  • Fawn Sable
  • Liver
  • Liver Brindle
  • Red
  • Red Brindle
  • Red Sable
  • Seal Brown
  • White

Famous Pit Bulls

Although it may seem that just recently pitbulls have come into the limelight, there have actually been many famous American Staffordshire Terriers throughout the years. Some of the more notable ones have been:

  • Peter the Pup was the well known dog who starred in The Little Rascals (aka known as "Our Gang") comedy television series which was made from the 1920s to 1930s
  • Sergeant Stubby was the most decorated dog in military history. Stubby was side by side with his human soldier companions and fought for 18 months in the trenches of France during World War 1. He was also the only dog to ever get promoted in the military.
  • Jack Brutus was a mascot for the Company K infantry during the Spanish-American war.
  • Bud was the first dog in the United States to take a cross-country drive. In 1903 Bud took to the road with his owner Horatio Nelson Jackson.

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on February 21, 2013:

@jandee) Thanks jandee and I so agree - they have got a bad rap and don't deserve it. Wonderful animals.

jandee from Liverpool.U.K on February 07, 2013:

Dorsi what a lovely hub,need more like this to let people know they are just the same as other dogs, terrible the way they are vilified,

best from jandee

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on February 06, 2013:

@alexadry) I LOVE them too - awesome companions. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Adrienne Farricelli on February 06, 2013:

I love pits! They are very sweet dogs just as my Rotties, voted up and interesting.

American Staffordshire Terrier vs Pit Bull Price

The price of any type of dog, including the Amstaff and the Pit will depend on the breeder, gender, coat color, and lineage.

A purebred American Staffordshire Terrier puppy will cost on average from $1200 to $2000. However, be prepared to spend a lot more if you are looking for a show quality dog with a distinctive lineage.

On the other hand, you can expect to pay from $500 to $1000 for a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier puppy. Then again, the cost can rise significantly if you are set on particular coat color or lineage.

Where To Get American Staffordshire Terrier?

Since most bull terrier and American Pit Bull type of breeds end up in shelters, you should seriously consider adopting. If you want an Amstaff as a family pet, adopt one and give him a chance to experience the joy and comfort of having a forever home!

Where To Get Pit Bull?

If you are serious about getting a Pit, research your local shelters and rescue organizations that specialize in terrier and the American Pit Bull dogs. Most of these breeds wait a long time to be adopted and eventually end up euthanized.

History of the American Staffordshire Terrier

The violent origins of the American Staffordshire Terrier can be traced back to England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Bulldogs and bull terriers were cross-bred by Brits to create a variety of ferocious new breeds which could be used in blood sports, as well as for hunting and herding. The newly-developed dogs had ultra-powerful bites and were trained to excel in grisly dog fighting pits. These origins are shared by pit bull terriers – one of the other breeds created in this process.

In the mid-1800s, the first Staffordshire bull terriers (as they are called in England) were exported to the United States. Over time, breeders in the U.S. put their own stamp on the breed by developing a larger version of the terrier. This was eventually recognized as a separate and unique breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The U.S. version of the breed was officially dubbed the American Staffordshire terrier in 1969.

While AmStaffs are no longer bred for fighting pit action, they can still display a volatile nature and have the capacity to launch deadly attacks. Once a popular and widely-admired dog, American Staffordshire terriers are now only the 83rd most-owned breed in the United States, according to the AKC’s latest figures. This lowly ranking is partly due to the AmStaff being banned in several states.

Early Twentieth Century Dog Debates

Fast forward about a hundred years or so.

Today's Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers are unique because of their registration statistics. But more importantly, they differ because of their heritage and not because of their name.

There are some lines of both breeds that had little if anything to do with dog fighting. Then again, some have evolved from a long line of fighters of this questionable sport.

If you think this is a breed you want to consider, the best advice we can give is to research breeders thoroughly. Ask questions, visit their homes, and interact with their moms and dads.

American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier Puppies - pets

1 year old Staffordshire Terrier/American Pit MIX.

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American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies.. **Blue Nose** - $400

.9 beautiful puppies 6 males 2 females . liter born 1/7/21. And ready to be adopted !! ..They are currently in a loving and caring home.

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