Food bags for walking and dog sports

Food or snack bags are a good and easy way of transporting rewards in between. They can also be very useful when training dogs, for example when learning to retrieve. Food bag for walking and dog sports - Image: Shutterstock / godrick

1. Classic food bag: Handy and wonderful for on the go

Simple and in different colors, classic food bags are a great variant for on the go. They are made of sturdy nylon and are easy to close and clean. Thanks to a snap hook attached to it, it can be easily attached to the belt and the snacks are always at hand for your darling.

2. "Snack Bag" as a belt bag

For dog owners who travel a lot or do sports with their four-legged friends, a food bag variant as a belt bag is a good idea. This model also comes with an extra clicker pocket, so that agility fans will also get their money's worth. You can close the bag with a cord and wash it off if necessary.

3. Feed bag for retrieval training

This food bag is intended for retrieval training. It is made of nylon, can be filled with dog treats and closed with a zipper. You can throw or hide the filled bag for your dog - he will get his reward when he brings the toy back to you. So this toy offers a wonderful incentive to get four-legged friends on their toes.

4. Nice colorful snack bag

This food bag is not only a particularly pretty model, but also has a few additional functions. On the one hand, thanks to its snap lock, it can also be operated with one hand and, with a front pocket, offers space for a clicker, a key or whatever you want. Thanks to its reflective attachment, it is a reliable companion even in the dark.

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