Safety for outdoorsers: Protection against fleas - Part 1

Fleas in cats are annoying and persistent, can transmit worms and spread throughout the house at lightning speed. With the appropriate preventive measures, you can successfully bring the annoying flea problem under control.

There are several ways you can spot, control, and prevent fleas in cats. If you have never used a flea product, you should consult your veterinarian beforehand, even if the product is freely available on the market. He can best tell you which treatment is the most suitable for your room tiger.

Spot-on drops to prevent flea infestation

Spot-on drops are said to prevent flea infestation and have the advantage that they usually also offer protection against ticks, hair lice and other troublesome parasites. They can be used at home every four weeks. To do this, split the fur of your cat's neck by hand or a comb and then carefully pour all of the liquid from the ampoule onto the skin.

Read the instructions on the package insert carefully before use and make sure that the dose in the ampoule is suitable for the weight of your cat. Otherwise the protection could expire. Spot-on drops are available from your veterinarian, pharmacy and online.

Flea collar and flea powder

A flea collar works against ticks and fleas by spreading its active ingredients over the cat's skin fat. Such a collar has the advantage that it is significantly cheaper than spot-on preparations and often works reliably for several months. However, it also has its disadvantages:

Equipping a free-range with a collar is not without danger. It could catch on a fence or branch, panic, and sustain serious injury. Therefore, it is important to always pay attention to a safety lock when choosing, or to fasten the collar loosely enough.

A flea powder is a way to protect even shy animals from fleas and other parasites. The treatment is very gentle and simple, but unlike other remedies, it has to be repeated quite often. One to two applications per week are usually recommended.

In the second part, you can read what they can do if your cat is caught and they suspect fleas in the house.

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